Guisso wasn’t the only designer to pick up on the twinkling trend. Fellow Lebanese designer Abed Mahfouz’s shimmering collection also saw an array of spangling dresses, spattered with diamante detail glide down the runway.

The designer drew inspiration from 1950s French romanticism, using soft colours and frilly textures. The setting was of a boudoir, with the image of elaborate mirror and dresser affixed to the models’ entrance.

Mahfouz’s pieces were all made from dainty, tulle and chiffon fabrics, so light they were almost see through and appeared to float effortlessly down the catwalk. The translucent dresses left little to the imagination, with seductive cuts and thigh high slits.

The show climaxed with an exquisite wedding dress, gleaming with crystalline detail.

Another favourite was the answer to every girl’s style vs convenience dilemma; a jump suit dress. The trousered dress was one of the pieces made from a new material combining muslin and aluminium, giving off a metallic sheen in the runway lights.

The jumpsuit had a flowing train, giving the illusion of wearing a gown.  I apologise for the quality of the second photo, but I couldn’t find a high res image!