The highlight of the weekend for me has to be Gianni Molaro’s dramatic collection. It stole the show with funky colours matched with equally loud makeup and dramatic flourishes. An emergency euro dress delighted the audience, a dress with a large embellished euro sign and economic words sewn into the fabric, topped with a flashing blue siren worked into the model’s statement updo. The music supporting this genius ensemble sang the lyrics “we need you Monti.”

Other memorable moments in the Molaro show included a red mermaid dress worn by a model who was suspended from a gold metal box and walked down the aisle by three tuxedo clad men, while the model was playing the violin with an illuminated bow.

The music was atmospheric, with some models strutting down the catwalk to the sound of dry sobs, one such melancholic outfit saw a model in a white dress, the base of which was made of umbrellas.  Removing her sunglasses at the end of the catwalk, she revealed a glistening line of diamente tears hanging from one eye, a highly original accessory.

Another model wore a revolving bike wheel as a hat, and received much deserved applause for her impressive navigation of the runway while wearing a four-tailed dress.