AltaRoma is a far smaller affair than the fashion show in Milan or London, but it is a very exclusive set of shows, accessible by invitation only. Most of the shows took place in an old church, Santo Spirito in Sassia. As is typical of both Italy and the world of fashion, every show began at least half an hour late, but though they may not have got to church on time, they did make it there in style.

Luxurious furs draped over the shoulders of many sitting in the rows of stylish spectators, including VIP guests such as Silvia Venturini, president of FENDI and of AltaRoma. The opening night held at Louis Vuitton Etoile fashion house attracted a stellar guest list, including Cate Blanchett and Catherine Deneuve.

The designers were all top of the range, luxury couture artists, some with a celebrity clientele. Jack Guisso for example, has designed for the likes of Paris Hilton, and his creations have graced the red carpet at a-list events such as the Golden Globe Awards in L.A.

The Lebanese designer’s scintillating collection dazzled onlookers with a series of glitzy gowns, littered with crystals. Each dress glittered down the catwalk, sparkling twice as much thanks to the strip of mirror spanning the centre of the runway. Soft pastel shades offset the striking bling embroidery, while the material draped lightly over the leggy models. The more racy blue numbers with sparkling cut-outs caught the eye of several audience members who applauded enthusiastically.